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The Hugging Doula,

Your Caring Companion for a


I'm here to educate, empower and support you during

your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period for you to

embrace your transformation to becoming a mother with confidence and knowledge.

I'm Ele, nice to meet you!

I love the unique possibility that every woman has to create a better world 

by giving birth in a respectful way for herself and her child. 
I love life & I love to love unconditionally.


This is my philosophy and I pursue it with every woman that decides to have me at her side during her pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

I'm Ele, founder of "The Hugging Doula" in London - UK "Il Club delle Mamme" in Milan - Italy

and "Belly Bay Mom" in Dubai - UAE.
I have more than 14 years of experience supporting families to achieve positive birthing and parenting experience as a Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula and Post Natal Doula, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Baby Massage trainer and holistic practitioner
I discovered my call to support women after experiencing a very positive VBAC with the birth of my second daughter in 2007 and I feel blessed in having been able to make it become my profession. 
When a woman chooses me to be her Doula, she enters my heart and I make her the promise to support her as a caring and unjudgemental Mother. Because of my passion, I've studied different aspects involved in giving birth and parenting and I support every woman tailor-making my services to their very personal and unique needs.

In 2020 I decided to pursue my life dream of becoming a Midwife and I started my Midwifery training. 
I strongly believe that the most important ingredient to achieving a positive birthing and parenting experience is to be respected. This means that each woman has to be able to make her own informed decisions and that's why I love to educate and empower all of my clients.
I've been an ex-pat for my entire life and I lived in Italy (where I'm originally from), Brazil (that conquered my heart), the USA, Portugal, the UAE and I relocated to the UK in 2019.
I had the privilege to support families from all around the world and my empathy allowed me to "click" with each Mum and Dad... as I strongly believe that the language of respect and support connects us all!
I have three daughters, one husband (who travels a lot), three dogs and two turtles... we can be quite loud and, luckily, the fun never leaves our home! 
My family members are all very well informed about respected childbirth and gentle parenting and they are always cheering me and my clients whenever I leave my home to support the women in labour during their experience of giving birth and becoming new parents.

I hope to welcome you soon with my honest and caring hug.
With love and gratitude,





The Hugging Doula

CLICK HERE to read more about my Certificates, Training & Special Achievements

CLICK HERE to read more about my Birth Stories (C-section, unmedicated VBAC, medicated VBAC)

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My Teachers, My Gurus

During my journey toward becoming a qualified birth professional, I had the incredible honour to have been taught by some of the most amazing women in the field, including CNN Hero Robin Lim, DONA Int. President Elena Carrillo, the president of the Waterbirth Birth International, Barbara Harper, the director of Orgasmic Birth Debra Pascali Bonaro, the founder and director of Birth Bliss Academy, Kicki Hansard and many more.

Each of them shared their knowledge and skills to enable me to support women according to their wishes, from all different perspectives: practical, emotional, informative, sacred and much more.

I'm pleased to share with my clients all of my knowledge and experience built up in over a decade of passionate studies and continuously kept up to date.

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