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I am grateful to the many families who have sent me the most heartwarming notes.

All of our experiences will be always well kept in my heart! 

Due to the intimacy of those notes, and for privacy reasons, I'm sharing here only a few of the ones that were shared also on social media.


Maisa – Natural twins

                gentle birth

I feel truly privileged to know Eleonora. She is a true gift to the laboring mother!

I felt completely relaxed with her and trusted her to be by my side during my labor and birth. She visited me during my pregnancy and kept up to date with me leading up to the labor. She was constantly supportive and always positive and gave me relief when I had doubts about my own ability to birth. To kick start my labor, she suggested I drink a special formula hot cocoa which really did the trick. It started my labor and progress was super fast. She supported me during my labor and was there for me till the early morning after the babies were born. I felt very protected and safe around Ele and I could concentrate on my birth knowing she was around. She also visited me after birth and saw my babies and hugged me which I loved as a new mom. She brought me lactation cookies and consulted me on breast-feeding and post partum health.

Any woman who is pregnant needs a Doula during birth to boost her confidence in her own ability to birth. Ele is that Doula for every woman. She is fantastic. 

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Rossella – Birth & Postnatal Doula

Together with my hubby, Eleonora has been my strength before, during and after the delivery.

She reassured me before giving birth providing me all the information I needed, she stayed with us during the delivery trying to convince me I had the strength to face the situation (and I did it thanks to her!) and she supported me almost daily with my new bundle of joy.

Any mum to be / mum deserves an angel like Eleonora, she really has a golden glow.

Rebecca – Birth Doula

Ele has been my Doula for the birth of my second son.

Thanks to her continuous support and amazing advice... I've been able to achieve the birth I always dreamed about: an amazing natural Waterbirth ♥

I am so proud of myself, it provided me such confidence and strength.

I was out of the hospital 15 hours after delivering and felt like I was a superwoman, thanks to the amazing adrenaline that unmedicated birth provides you.

Believe in your body, we are made to give life in the most natural way. And surround yourself with the right persons. I will be forever grateful to Eleonora for providing me with this lifelong memory.


Zein – Birth Doula

I really can’t recommend Eleonora (Ele) enough!

She was my doula for my June 2018 birth, I had such an incredibly empowering natural birth experience and I can’t imagine going through it without her and her beautiful energy.

She was supportive, knowledgeable, loving and knew exactly what to say and when to say it.

I also attended one of the pregnancy circles held by Ele and I loved every minute of being part of such an intimate group of amazing women. They even dedicated a small part of the ceremony to help welcome my baby to the world as I was overdue.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

Belly Cast

Carolina - Belly Cast

I did a belly casting with Ele, it was such a great experience! I felt very confident with her. She opens her house but also her heart to listen to you during the full session!!!

The result was amazing!

I loved to use it for our baby's photoshoot! 
Thank you Eleonora



I did the Belly casting with Ele for both of my pregnancies and it was super fun!

During the cast sessions, Ele gave

me some really nice tips about what to do to experience a positive birth! She involved me in the process of personalizing my belly

casts and she was super patient (both times) as I changed my mind a few times! 

I love to have my belly cast hanged as unique art pieces in our nursery!

Baby Massage


My little one Owen and I both thoroughly enjoyed the Baby massage course. So glad we were able to do this, and happy to have had such a fab experience. Would definitely recommend for new Mums to do this to bond with their babies :) 

Thank you Ele!


I took part in one of Ele's massage courses when my daughter was 1 month old and it was wonderful. Highly recommend it!

I still use the techniques on Cleo one year later! She loves the foot massage. If I say to her, “massage for Cleo” she lies down on the floor face down with her hands beside her, like she is in the spa! 



We did the baby massage course and baby was so relaxed! We try to integrate it into our daily bedtime routine after bath and even though he is sometimes too hungry to wait any longer, he clearly enjoys it other days.

I like Ele's gentle approach. 



My husband and I attended the Antenatal Workshop and we both thought it was excellent. It was a small and welcoming group and we all shared stories - some about previous births and their difficulties and some stories of fearing the unknown as expecting first babies. We also observed coping strategies during birth and techniques our partner can use to help calm and support us.

Highly recommend it! Thank you Eleonora x



Recently attended your workshop. It was an amazing session, very insightful. Wish I could've attended earlier. I was almost losing hope but all thanks to u. Keep it going n god bless you Ele!


I attended a breastfeeding workshop with Eleonora and found it really helpful. The session was a small group, informal but structured, with the ability to ask lots of questions. I came away feeling much calmer about breastfeeding and having learnt lots of tips and tricks to help me.

I can’t recommend it highly enough for new mums.

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